Wealth is more than 
a financial asset

von Euler & Partners is a leading Swedish wealth management firm, based in Stockholm. We operate as an independent and partner-driven Multi Family Office, serving both private individuals, private companies and foundations. Our expertise is to provide comprehensive financial advice that looks at the whole picture of clients’ financial situation, and creating bespoke solutions that attend to each part of our clients’ needs and objectives.

von Euler & Partners

von Euler & Partners was founded in 2002. Clients come to us for the knowledge, attention and loyalty our team offers them. They appreciate the difference it makes to receive a comprehensive and independent financial service, aligned around their interests and with no influence from external agendas. Their aim is the same as ours — long-term relations that continuously increase in both value and trust.

We work in close collaboration with an extensive network of external expertise, ranging from law and accounting to real-estate and private equity — and more. The idea is that if we always can access the most adequate expertise for each specific inquiry, we also lower the threshold (as well as increase the quality of the solution) to solve each specific challenge on behalf of our clients.

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von Euler & Partners grundades 2002 och står under Finansinspektionens tillsyn.